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Upscale Hoes Phone Sex 121 is a phonesex line run by many nice girls. We have phone sex operators who are sultry brunettes, sexy blondes, raven haired beauties and fiery redheads. We have many girl friends as well that we have made on the internet and in college. To get your juices flowing and your cock pumping, we'd like to introduce you to our friends, Shanny and Tina. Shanny is a sexy redhead with glasses and lots of freckles who can be sweet and innocent or wild and crazy, depending on her mood. If you like fiery freckled redheaded girls with glasses then you'll love this hardcore phone sex gallery! Tina is rather shy, but opens up once she gets to know you. She wears glasses too. Have a look!









Like phonesex, our hardcore phone sex gallery has a bit of all that you desire!

Whether tits, ass, pussy or a foot fetish you have, you can talk about it.

Perhaps you'd like to spank the naughty bad girls in those pics?

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Call 1-888-220-2909 (USA/Canada)

Or 0983-939-2210 X 1093 (UK calls only)

(only 1.69-1.99/min LIVE call in U.S/Canada!)(UK phonesex rate 1.53/min. - customer service # 0844 888850)

Return Callers get 20 min. FREE time on sex chat line!

There is a $5 connection fee to go to live phone sex 121 chat after you pick what fetish category

you wish to talk about. You can choose to role play about anything you desire or choose what "type"

of girl you want, but you cannot pick a specific girl, as we all work different shifts and must respect

the work of whichever friend may be on when you call us. For example, as much as you may want to

chat to Shanny, she is rarely on the phone and doesn't take special requests, but you can request a

redhead, blonde or whatever role play you desire. We have enough diversity among our phone sex

operators to accommodate your every desire, fetish and role playing needs when you call us.

(Please also note that calls can only be made within North America & UK at this time. Thanks)

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